Marti Health

Because inequity in health is inhuman

Marti Health Is Empowering Underserved Communities with Comprehensive and Compassionate Care Management - Starting with Sickle Cell Families!

Our Mission

Marti Health was born out of a vision to see a world where healthcare is not a privilege but a right for all.

To provide comprehensive care management to underserved communities, starting with sickle cell families.


To advocate for health equity, raising awareness and fostering change at policy and community levels.


To partner with community based organizations, amplifying our impact and reaching more people in need.

Comprehensive Care for Families

Services tailored to meet the unique needs of sickle cell warriors

  • Personalized Care Plans: Customized health strategies developed by our team of experts to manage and alleviate sickle cell symptoms.
  • Clinical Care Services: Professional medical care delivered in the doctor's office or in the comfort of your own home.
  • Community Support: Connecting families to a network of peers and professionals for emotional and psychological support.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Promoting knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease to reduce stigma and enhance support.

Our Approach

A holistic, community-based digital care hub to promote patient wellness.

Build trust with disenfranchised populations of health inequity through community-based engagement
Aggregate, analyze, and address all social determinants of the patient’s health
Elevate the patient's clinical, behavioral, and social well-being through a whole-person care
Link care providers with social services and community resources to improve access to healthcare for at-risk populations
Reduce avoidable episodes of care and cost through the allocation of wellness, preventive, and community-based resources
Drive optimized clinical, utilization, and medical-cost outcomes through actionable data and predictive analytics

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